Regency Romance & Georgian Romance

The Missing Heir

Rogues and Thief Takers - Book 1

 Julia Hertford has spent most of her life disguised as a boy, following her rogue father all over the continent. When Julian Hertford senior vanishes from their Paris gambling house, Julia and her faithful servant Tom pack up their belongings and flee to England, following a possible clue to her father's whereabouts. Julia seeks help from the only family member whose name she knows, the Earl of Kylsant.
Richard Rothwell, Earl of Kylsant, is about to have his world turned upside down by a cousin he never knew he had. The trouble, brave and beautiful Julia brings in her wake, is nothing to the passionate desire she stirs in his heart. 
But before he can claim her as his own, he must help her find her errant father.

The Assassin's Wife

Wren St Claire, Regency, Georgian, Romance

“You do realize that you’re parents are going to think we have eloped, don’t you?” said the Duke of Wyndam.

Robert, Duke of Wyndham, who lost his heart to the wrong woman ten years ago, reluctantly agrees to fulfill expectations and offer for the lovely and very young Lady Isabella St Clare. Lady Isabella, piqued by his brother John’s apparent indifference, accepts Robert’s proposal in a rebellious spirit, hoping to rouse a demon of jealousy in John’s heart; but her plan backfires, when John runs off with the beautiful wife of a French Assassin, and Robert feels impelled (yet again), to rescue him from his folly. Isabella, refusing to be left to wait submissively at home, insists on going with him, plunging them both into a world of assassins and spies. For John has a secret, hidden even from his brother, that will place them all in mortal danger.  


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