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It's Impossible

Wren St Claire, MMF,LGBTQ, Transexual, Hot, Erotic, Romance

'It’s Impossible': MMF Romance

Book 1 Loves Complicated

Ben is straight, Zac’s gay and Christie has a boyfriend. It’s a recipe for heartache and a whole lot of sexual tension, confusion and frustration. In fact, it’s impossible…isn’t it?

*****Fantastically Written Story, May 29, 2017 Review By Tanya de Boer

Just  finished this one last night and I have to say, "It was fantastic". The  development of the characters and flow of the storyline was amazingly  believable. The whole dynamic between Ben, Zac and Christy was very,  very well written, I just thank god that I had the next book already so I  could continue the story (even if this did mean I was up til 2am  reading) and am not so patiently waiting on the 3rd book. If you like  MMF romance then "It's Impossible" to go past this one.

It's Complicated

Wren St Claire, MMF,LGBTQ, Transexual, Hot, Erotic, Romance

'It's Complicated': MMF Romance

Book 2: Loves Complicated

Zac  and Ben have a searingly passionate relationship until Zac's former  flatmate and best friend, Chrissie, shows up with a surprise that  changes everything...

*****Series Just keeps getting BETTER, May 29, 2017Review By Tanya de Boer

I thought the first one was good, this one was I think even better, that  being said I can't wait for the next one. The continuing story of Ben,  Zac and Christy was full of complex but amazingly well written emotions  and drama. Wren has a wonderfully unique story telling style and  character development that is just amazing. I encourage you to check  this one out today if you love a good, no great MMF story. And don't  forget to get the first one in this series, It's Impossible.​​​

It's Love

Wren St Claire, MMF,LGBTQ, Transexual, Hot, Erotic, Romance

It's Love: MMF Romance

Book 3: Loves Complicated

Zac  and Chrissie are married, Xavier is a toddler and Chrissie is six months pregnant with Ben’s baby. Their crazy three-way relationship works, except that it’s a secret.

But when the baby is born, Ben finds it harder to keep everything under wraps.

Then something happens that will force Ben  to go public to fight for everything he loves, or lose it all.

Anticipated Release; December 2018

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