Historical Fantasy

The Exile

Wren St Claire, Historical, Ancient, Egyptian, Gods, Time Travel, Spiritual, Action,Romance

The Exile - A full length novel

Chaos  threatens the world of the Egyptian Gods, and love may hold the key to  saving them, but only if its greatest scholar can learn the lesson that a  human woman can teach him.

Djet,  better known as Thoth, Egyptian God of Wisdom and Writing is a pompous  idiot according to his sister Hathor, Goddess of Love. He knows nothing  about the tender emotions and in a fit of temper she strips him of his  powers and locks him in an Egyptian tomb. When Djet stumbles through a  time portal in the tomb into modern Egypt, he finds an alien world he  doesn't understand.

​Back  in his own world a deadly coup lead by his avenging mother and her  rapacious brother, brings his father's Kingdom to its knees. When the  forces of chaos follow him through the portal, two worlds are in danger.  Can Djet learn to love a human woman and save both their worlds?  


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