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Hot Contemporary Romance

The 30 Day Rule

Wren St Claire, Hot Sex, Erotic, Exotic, Head Jobs, Blow Jobs, No Romance.

What happens when a commitment phobic wedding planner and a sexy doctor with a secret, get together at his sister's wedding? More than either of them bargain for.

James: Ever have one of those moments you realise you’re on the back foot for something really important? I’ve just had one.
Wow! I stop short a moment she’s so stunning...If I was a dog my tongue would be hanging out. She makes me want to drool. Which is a self-image I can do without. Who ever she is, I want to know more of her. My dick is less polite, he just wants her, period.

Lane: In a tux I'm convinced he's going to be superb. And he's perfect wedding sex material. He's single and he's FIFO - fly in fly out, only here for the wedding. Couldn't be better.

"A sexy, fast paced, emotional rollercoaster. You will enjoy this book!" Readers Review

Lawyers in Love Contemporary Romance

Hot workplace romance

Lawyers in Love

For One Night Only

Wren St Claire, Hot Sex, Romance, Conflict, Lawyers,

Book 1: Lawyers in Love

Lyn Ellis craves a sensual night with a fantasy man to cut her loose from her past...

David Carmichael is desperate enough to satisfy her desire...

Lyn  is a soldiers widow and she finds herself stuck in a rut. So she  decides to do something a little bit crazy. David has lost his wife and  his job and needs a way to pay the mortgage. He's desperate enough to  answer a crazy ad from a crazy lady...

What happens next surprises both of them...

Breaking the Rules

 Book 2: Lawyers in Love

Wife for a weekend...​Melissa Haddon can't afford the luxury of satisfying her desires...

Andrew Cooper is determined to fulfill her every need between the sheets...

Sassy,  sexy and successful Melissa Haddon is driving Andrew Cooper nuts, he  wants her almost as much as he wants the corner office on the fifth  floor of their law firm. The trouble is Melissa wants that corner office  too, and she's not about to give the firms Don Juan what he wants at  the cost to herself. Mel knows she's going to regret agreeing to be  Andrew's wife for a weekend, but the temptation to give into his  seductive charms may be too strong. What she doesn't bargain on, is  getting to know the man behind the charming facade...


Erotic Contemporary Romance in four parts

Meet  the Tradies: Nate, Rhys, Matt and Hal, four typical hot Aussie blokes  who should (but fail) to resist the gorgeous women who want to seduce  them...


Resist Part 1: Nate

Wren St Claire, Hot Sex, Australian Males, Tradies, Hot Women, Contemporary Romance

Resist Part 1: Nate

Cabinet  Maker Nathan Cross is still recovering from a broken heart when he  meets knock out cougar Dr Anthea Anderson and discovers why older women  are the bomb...

Anthea's plans get shot to hell when she realises that there is more to Nate than a hot body...

Resist Boxed Set

Wren St Claire, Hot Sex, Australian Males, Tradies, Hot Women, Contemporary Romance

Four Aussie guys  try and fail to resit the women who want to seduce them.