Cardinal Sins


Introducing my wicked new romantic suspense series Cardinal Sins, featuring sexy priests and kick arse heroines.

Warning! Despite the theme, this is NOT an inspirational romance series. 

Prepare to be shocked! 

You have been warned.

Romantic Suspense

The history of the Vatican is littered with corruption, sex and violence. Spies, assassins, murder and sexual depravity have all played a part. What happens to the Catholic Church when the pretence is stripped away? In this alternate history, romantic suspense series you can find out.

The First Clue

10x10+4 Ware black Olympia who rides the innocent dove, wages war not peace.

Can you solve the riddle? Send me your solutions. The right answer will get the winner a free copy of the Special Edition release of Proof of God.

Book 1: Proof of God

The Catholic Church is in crisis. A psychotic Priest is on the loose in the Vatican, Physicist Dr Ciara D’Angelo, has just proved the existence of God and the Church’s child abuse scandal is front page news. 

Monsignor Alexander Kirshman, charismatic personal secretary of his holiness Pope Paul VII, has twenty four hours to rescue Dr D’Angelo from the clutches of a madman and attempt to avert a plot to destroy the Church from within. 

In the process, Alex will lose his faith, find earthly love and discover the true meaning of Grace

Book 2: Proof of Sin

Secretary of State Cardinal Xiomar Tollando is woken in the middle of the night to the news that his mortal enemy Cardinal Woolfe has been murdered. 

Soon Tollando is fighting to clear his name of murder but his attempts to find the vigilante assassin truly responsible, leads him to a passionate temptation and mortal danger in the arms of the woman he once loved and lost.

Book 3: Proof of Love

 The youngest pope in the history of the church is elected and Papa Jerome uncovers the truth behind the biggest cover up in history. Now he must risk his neck for the truth. He is aided and abetted in his fight by a sexy undercover agent masquerading as a Nun. 

Proof of God

Proof of God


The sniper adjusted his position and brought the face of the target into focus within the crosshairs of the scope. 

Objectively she was beautiful. Soft fly away red hair, escaping from a chignon, framed a delicately boned face in curling tendrils. Translucently pale skin and large hazel green eyes, completed a picture of ethereal beauty that seemed too fragile to contain the heresy that spouted from those full and shiny red lips.

But he had his orders. The Cardinal wanted this heresy silenced. The sniper did God’s work in removing a new evil from the Earth, before this science could contaminate and infect the faithful.

The trained killer watched his target from the block of flats across the park where he had set up camp, and waited for his moment. The lights inside the hotel lit up the scene perfectly, by contrast he was invisible in his perch across the darkened park. Rain dripped from the trees and soaked into the soft ground. She was standing on a platform elevated above the audience, visible through the large windows, and when the crowd of press were finally seated, he had a clear and unimpeded view of the slender figure clad in its black tailored suit. A glint of sliver round her elegant neck distracted him momentarily. 

A shot to the throat or the temple? He considered, taking careful aim as she raised a hand to indicate who, from among the crowd of eager reporters, could ask the first question. She appeared remarkably calm and serene for someone so lately thrust into the limelight. And much younger than a woman of 42 had any right to look. Was any more proof of her inherent evil needed? 

By the time they realised where the shot had come from he would be long gone, and the world would be rid of one more agent of the Enemy. 

He focused carefully, she was speaking, smiling even. How could she not sense the imminence of her fate? 

The temple, he had decided it would be the temple. Translucent, delicate skin, stretched over a fine boned skull with the tracery of blue veins just visible. The pulse that beat there would be snuffed out - now!

He squeezed the trigger and the bullet tore through the air, punctured the hotel window and winged its way to its target.

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